The old tram

In the last days of 2018 we went to a secret party with some friends.

The big surprise was where it was held! It was on one of the two oldest working trams in Bulgaria!

It was built almost a century ago and definitely brings you back to those times, even though it was modernized a bit with lights, heating and some music/media to allow tour guides to talk about sights along the way.

I enjoyed it quite a lot as one of the organizers is working in the tram depot and we had a first row ticket to see how the tram driver operates it. We got a crash course on what all the levers do and got to ring the bell! And also Toma got the chance to try to get the tram running, but turns out one needs quite the strength to be able to operate it! Maybe in a few years 😝

Passers by were also enjoying the sight as the retro trams are not an every day occasion here.

Amazing game soundtracks – Stellaris

A while ago I got myself Stellaris and quickly lost some hours in it. Here I’m not going to talk about the game itself. It has already been covered quite a lot in reviews, let’s plays and so on.

Because I can’t explain how awesome it is in words, I’m just going to say – listen to it. Close your eyes, imagine yourself on an adventure in the deep space or somewhere where your mind takes you and enjoy it.


( or if you don’t have Spotify, try YouTube’s search results )

Diving back in memories: Of roses and bees

A few days ago I was digging through my photo collection and stumbled upon one of my favorite shots.

A bee exploring the rose

It’s an interesting story how this photo came to be.

My dad had bought a new digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A610, a few days before that. I was eager to try it, but he didn’t give me a chance to shoot a bit with it, because he was exploring and learning it inside out. After all it was our first “advanced” digital camera.

On the day of the photo my dad and I went out to the store and he took the camera. I asked him to give it to me to carry around and to see if I can shoot something. While discussing if I was capable enough to carry the camera without breaking it, we had walked for 5-6 minutes and we were just passing by a rose bush and I saw some bees flying around it.

By that time I knew that I wanted to take a photo of the lovely rose blossom that you can see above. I took the camera out, powered it on, waited for a bee to land on the blossom and I took the photo.

And there it was. My very first photo with that camera.

Still to this day, that photo remains one of my favorite ones.

Dad things: Baby, you can’t pause an online game!

So… the circle is complete.

Today, while enjoying the last few days of paternity leave, that the awesome Automattic allowed me to take, I decided to dive deep in the land of nostalgia and play some good old StarCraft.

Sounds pretty normal, right? Why, yes, it is! Apart from having the baby in the office with me, so I can look after him while mom is doing other things.

Things were going great, baby was asleep, I found a fun game, started it and in the middle the baby woke up. All good. Comforted him for a bit, but he was fussy, so I left the game and focused on him. There was no way to focus on both the game and the baby at the same time.

So while rocking the baby in my hands, talking sweet to him and trying to calm him down, I glanced at the monitor and saw several messages from the game creator saying:

“Why join a game if you’re going to leave?”

Sent over and over again.

At first I started replying that I had a baby on my hands, and I had to take care of him, but then I was hit with flashbacks to my earlier years when I raised my voice in angst to tell my mom that I can’t pause an online game.

Oh my god, mom, you can’t pause an online game!!!!1!1!1!!1!

At that moment I realized that I have to give up online games for a while.

Oh well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At least now I can focus on going over the ever growing backlog of single player games. The Witcher 3 won’t finish by itself!

Graffiti around the world – Montréal

A few weeks back I was at a team meetup in Montréal and while walking along the streets I enjoyed the grafitti culture there quite a lot. I loved how colorful and/or playful they are compared to other places I’ve been in the past.

Some of my favorite:

Not sure if I’m right, but playing a lot of StarCraft in the past always make me think that those creatures are hydralisks

Fear of dogs

When I was kid, probably around 5-6 years old, a neighbors dog bit me while playing with it. It wasn’t very serious, just a scratch, but to my child mind it was an awful experience.

After the incident I developed a huge fear of dogs. I ran away from them and hid home or in a neighbor’s yard. If it was a friend’s dog. I’d stay alert and run to another room or somewhere where the dog couldn’t reach me if the dog moved even the slightest.

While growing up I stayed away from dogs, but as time passed, I started warming up to them. The first dog that I didn’t run away from screaming was my cousins’ dog – a Rough Collie named Clara.

Clara in all her glory 🙂
She was just the best dog. Her owners trained her really well and she was a very calm dog, that is if you don’t count thunderstorms. She was deathly afraid of thunders and had to be held tightly and the doors had to be closed or she’d run away and try to hide somewhere far away from the storm.

Spending summers at my village and having her visit from time to time really helped reducing the fear of dogs and general anxiety around dogs.

Here in Bulgaria many stray dogs are still roaming at large and can pose a threat from time to time as the packs can easily reach 5-10+ dogs. That has always scared me and made me anxious walking out in the dark when I would hear the occassional barks behind me. 

In time I managed to learn that dogs aren’t that scary and I managed to distinguish aggressive dogs from friendly dogs who are looking to play.

Last weekend I made myself proud. 

For the past few months we noticed a stray dog walking around the villa house. At first I was pretty afraid of having a random dog circling around us. After a few visits I noticed the dog wasn’t that scary 🙂 It would come around, look at us and then go away. 

Took me a bit of courage but in the end I managed to gather all of it, bought some canned food and stood outside with the food in a plastic container, calling the dog to come by and have a good meal.

It’s funny that the dog seemed more afraid of me than I was of it. After a few calls and me taking a step back it came to the improvised cup and started eating.

Victory! 🙂

It was also fun to watch it in the car mirrors as it ran along with us while we were leaving the villa.

Radi’s mother even named him Bear.

– The cup is mine now!

Ice skating

It’s been almost a month since the event, but I will never forget it 🙂

On the last day last year, my cousin suggested that we visit an ice rink. I have never been to one and I was deathly afraid of breaking all my bodily extensions.

Luckily I had some experience in roller-blading when I was a kid and that helped my self-esteem quite a lot. I knew that it would be something like it. Of course I wasn’t quite prepared to what happened when I put on my skates and stepped on the ice – It was so slippery!

My fear quickly disappeared and I managed to skate without having to hold the rail. All my old roller-blading experience came back and I was able to stand freely on the ice.

It was an immensely fun experience and I would definitely go to the ice rink again! 🙂

As a bonus I managed to capture a “first-person” view of my cousin falling on the ice: