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The “Pencil”

We went to the mountains on a recent trip. It was a nice secluded place. Just a few houses and a restaurant. Next to an abandoned artificial lake/dam.

The mosquitoes and the heat were our arch enemies, but we managed to make due.

Since there wasn’t much to do around, we had to improvise activities. Luckily my son stumbled upon a big rectangular stone and found it really fascinating to carry around. I found it fascinating too.

Each side had a different texture, much like different sandpapers.

We also had a bunch of older branches, which had fallen down from the trees around the place.

After a careful consideration for a few seconds, we started exploring the wonderful world of making sticks more pointy.

One of the sticks came out just like a pencil! Had a perfect size hole to put in a tiny graphite from an actual pencil and it worked!

We drew around on the ground with it and it was amazing.