The old tram

In the last days of 2018 we went to a secret party with some friends.

The big surprise was where it was held! It was on one of the two oldest working trams in Bulgaria!

It was built almost a century ago and definitely brings you back to those times, even though it was modernized a bit with lights, heating and some music/media to allow tour guides to talk about sights along the way.

I enjoyed it quite a lot as one of the organizers is working in the tram depot and we had a first row ticket to see how the tram driver operates it. We got a crash course on what all the levers do and got to ring the bell! And also Toma got the chance to try to get the tram running, but turns out one needs quite the strength to be able to operate it! Maybe in a few years 😝

Passers by were also enjoying the sight as the retro trams are not an every day occasion here.

Graffiti around the world – Montréal

A few weeks back I was at a team meetup in Montréal and while walking along the streets I enjoyed the grafitti culture there quite a lot. I loved how colorful and/or playful they are compared to other places I’ve been in the past.

Some of my favorite:

Not sure if I’m right, but playing a lot of StarCraft in the past always make me think that those creatures are hydralisks

Ice skating

It’s been almost a month since the event, but I will never forget it 🙂

On the last day last year, my cousin suggested that we visit an ice rink. I have never been to one and I was deathly afraid of breaking all my bodily extensions.

Luckily I had some experience in roller-blading when I was a kid and that helped my self-esteem quite a lot. I knew that it would be something like it. Of course I wasn’t quite prepared to what happened when I put on my skates and stepped on the ice – It was so slippery!

My fear quickly disappeared and I managed to skate without having to hold the rail. All my old roller-blading experience came back and I was able to stand freely on the ice.

It was an immensely fun experience and I would definitely go to the ice rink again! 🙂

As a bonus I managed to capture a “first-person” view of my cousin falling on the ice: