Graffiti around the world – Montréal

A few weeks back I was at a team meetup in Montréal and while walking along the streets I enjoyed the grafitti culture there quite a lot. I loved how colorful and/or playful they are compared to other places I’ve been in the past.

Some of my favorite:

Not sure if I’m right, but playing a lot of StarCraft in the past always make me think that those creatures are hydralisks

Ice skating

It’s been almost a month since the event, but I will never forget it 🙂

On the last day last year, my cousin suggested that we visit an ice rink. I have never been to one and I was deathly afraid of breaking all my bodily extensions.

Luckily I had some experience in roller-blading when I was a kid and that helped my self-esteem quite a lot. I knew that it would be something like it. Of course I wasn’t quite prepared to what happened when I put on my skates and stepped on the ice – It was so slippery!

My fear quickly disappeared and I managed to skate without having to hold the rail. All my old roller-blading experience came back and I was able to stand freely on the ice.

It was an immensely fun experience and I would definitely go to the ice rink again! 🙂

As a bonus I managed to capture a “first-person” view of my cousin falling on the ice: