Starry night

Recently we went on a holiday in the Bulgarian mountains.

One of the nights, the sky was clear enough to give the new iPhone 12 night photo mode a shot.

The initial attempts seemed a bit noisy and didn’t show too much details.

Luckily I shared this photo with my cousin and he mentioned that I might want to try shooting in RAW as it should retain more information that can be tweaked after the shot.

I did so by enabling saving the photos in ProRAW. The resulting photo was similar to the above one, but then I went to edit the photo in the Photos app on iOS, without using any external tools.

After a few tweaks, details started popping up quite well on the dark sky background.

The end result seems quite pleasing!

And a fun fact about the photo – the bright glow in the sky is actually smoke from the hotel chimney, which I only saw while taking photos, not with my eyes. It was soo dark.

I’ll definitely continue experimenting with Night mode photography in the future on clearer and darker skies!

By Biser Perchinkov

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