Diving back in memories: Of roses and bees

A few days ago I was digging through my photo collection and stumbled upon one of my favorite shots.

A bee exploring the rose

It’s an interesting story how this photo came to be.

My dad had bought a new digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A610, a few days before that. I was eager to try it, but he didn’t give me a chance to shoot a bit with it, because he was exploring and learning it inside out. After all it was our first “advanced” digital camera.

On the day of the photo my dad and I went out to the store and he took the camera. I asked him to give it to me to carry around and to see if I can shoot something. While discussing if I was capable enough to carry the camera without breaking it, we had walked for 5-6 minutes and we were just passing by a rose bush and I saw some bees flying around it.

By that time I knew that I wanted to take a photo of the lovely rose blossom that you can see above. I took the camera out, powered it on, waited for a bee to land on the blossom and I took the photo.

And there it was. My very first photo with that camera.

Still to this day, that photo remains one of my favorite ones.

By Biser Perchinkov

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