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Dad things: Baby, you can’t pause an online game!

So… the circle is complete.

Today, while enjoying the last few days of paternity leave, that the awesome Automattic allowed me to take, I decided to dive deep in the land of nostalgia and play some good old StarCraft.

Sounds pretty normal, right? Why, yes, it is! Apart from having the baby in the office with me, so I can look after him while mom is doing other things.

Things were going great, baby was asleep, I found a fun game, started it and in the middle the baby woke up. All good. Comforted him for a bit, but he was fussy, so I left the game and focused on him. There was no way to focus on both the game and the baby at the same time.

So while rocking the baby in my hands, talking sweet to him and trying to calm him down, I glanced at the monitor and saw several messages from the game creator saying:

“Why join a game if you’re going to leave?”

Sent over and over again.

At first I started replying that I had a baby on my hands, and I had to take care of him, but then I was hit with flashbacks to my earlier years when I raised my voice in angst to tell my mom that I can’t pause an online game.

Oh my god, mom, you can’t pause an online game!!!!1!1!1!!1!

At that moment I realized that I have to give up online games for a while.

Oh well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At least now I can focus on going over the ever growing backlog of single player games. The Witcher 3 won’t finish by itself!

By Biser Perchinkov

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